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What The 72Hours Life really offers:

With so much information out there — millions of YouTube videos, books, and blogs, you could likely learn productivity for free. You can spend days, weeks, or even months trying to find the perfect system for you. But is that productive? Spending your time spinning your wheels online, searching for the next little nugget of useful information might make you feel in control, but it won’t get you to the next level in your career, your health, or your relationships.

72Hours offers you clear methods and strategies that will help you achieve your goals, fulfill your deepest desires, and realize your full potential. The program also grants you access to all the encouragement and support you’ll need, all from the privacy of your own home.

No one can do it alone. By teaming up with so many others who have practiced and lived the 72Hours Life and learning from their journey, you can reach your goals so much faster!

Try 72Hours risk-free for 14 days. Purchase the book or workbook to receive a complimentary membership. There is no up-front cost. If you’re not ready for the 72Hours Life, simply cancel your membership at the end of your trial. We’ll never charge you.

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What you get when you join 72Hours

Brilliant 72Hours book by Dr. Jeffrey E. Sterling that will not only help you become more productive and effective, but also show you how to master those skills for all future endeavors.

Dynamic workbook to quickly and easily apply the strategies from the book.

Personalized goal setting & achievement to help you on the road to success for goals that are relevant to you.

Instant access to hours of online productivity training with our dedicated e-courses that help you quickly gain a deep understanding of the methodology.

A private, interactive forum to keep you motivated, active, and informed about new discoveries within the 72Hours community.

Discounted access to live events where you can hear directly from Dr. Sterling and connect with other 72’ers.

Exclusive discounts on 72Hours tools as we continue to learn and improve this dynamic program.