Exercise has been such a gift to me. Nothing else in my life has been a constant elixir to help me with the daily ups and downs of life. I workout because something about the process makes me stronger, both in body and mind. In the middle of a run, I move to a different place in my mind and find clarity. In the midst of a spinning class, I reconnect my strength and determination with the beat. In my boxing class, that bag is taking hits for all kinds of challenges I may be facing. After class, I get to happily leave them behind. Whenever I workout with my trainer I am reminded over and over to move past the limitations of my mind and in the process, I do. On those days that I find myself grumbling en route to a workout, I try to remember to think of those friends who are saddled with illness because I know that they would be thrilled just to have the opportunity to exercise. Sometimes, I think of those that will never have that chance again. Then, I try to re-focus with gratitude and knock it out one more time.